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:la: KUDA IS MY RABBIT!! :la:
Ok I had to get rid of that other bitch journal on my page and decided that I would shift the focus onto something else. I noticed that a lot of deviants are asking for tips and tricks to survive college. So I figured I'd offer in my two cents. Plus most of these are from personal experiences too.

:star: Health:
Health is huge in college!! Part of that is because missing classes is killer. And if you are in bad health, stressed and not sleeping enough your body will shut down on you.

If you are living in a dorm or dorm / apartment like set up!! CLEAN IT!! I CAN'T STRESS THAT ENOUGH!! YOU HAVE TO CLEAN IT!! EVEN IF THEY SAY THE ROOM IS CLEAN. CLEAN IT ANYWAYS!!

1) Create a work out program. Even if it means just going out for a 30 min. - 1 hour walk it will help a lot. It helps clear the mind and body if you are stressed due to projects / homework. Seriously it will help you relax and keep you from getting sick. That way around Mid-term / Finals you aren't super stressing.

2) Have alarms set to try to finish homework early or do homework with a group. It's just more fun that way. :D That way you aren't staying up all night trying to figure things out on your own. (Study groups with close friends are a good thing too.)

3) Make plans to go out. Some of the best times you can have at college are just going out with friends. Sometimes just going grocery shopping or even the mall is enough to de-stress you.

4) Take vitamins and minerals every day. (I really shouldn't have to explain why on this one. XD)

:star: Eating:
1) Be sure to try to balance what you eat. The freshman 15 isn't a joke. It's real. XD
Story behind this one. I went to an art college and in the dorms just about everyone smoked weed!! I was always super relaxed when it came to homework time and such for I don't smoke it but have gotten contact high for it leaked into our dorm room due to the vents and under the door and such. On top of that when you get hungry you go for just about everything you can find. Beware!! It can make you sick if you over-eat.

2) Going out to eat or picking up fast food sometimes is good if you have a really long day.
For example: Class A for 4 hours, 1 hour break, Class B for 4 hours and Class C for 2 hours. That's a 10 hour class day that starts from 8 am and goes to about 6 or 7pm (give or take). Times like that are ok to eat out. OR!! Just settle in for taking lunch / dinner to school.

3) If you are a coffee / soda / tea drinker that can be bad sometimes too. The fastest way to get energy but watch your intake. Coffee can get expensive. :P Seriously!! 1/3 of my money went straight into Coffee.

:star: Money:
1) Look for a part-time job (if your school allows you to work) that way during the off seasons (or when you only have x amount of classes a day) you can have money coming in. Saving money is one thing. But not having a stable income while you are at school will kill you. Your funds will get eaten the most within the first 2 years. That way when you also graduate you won't have to be stuck in the situation of not having a job and moving back home.

2) When going out grocery shopping it's ok to skimp on buying expensive things. Buy off brands of cerieal and such. Usually they have a better deal of buy 1 get 1 free or something like that. Look for deals.* Or try to buy things in bulk (Costo is a life saver). 

3) Get accustomed to eating leftovers

4) Cutting back on spending is one thing. But here are two things not to  skimp on.
Veggies / Fruits

:star::star:*Making Deals!!
Ok I don't know which college everyone is going to but here is one thing to do while in college. Make deals with someone. I know it sounds weird. But I'll give a bit of personal information between Kudagras and I.

1) I wasn't good at Trig and so were a few of my friends. So I got Kuda to help tutor me and a few friends. In return every time I would get tutored on homework I would either treat Kuda with money or to a hot meal that was either take out or me cooking. Or even our deal was, "You help me with my homework, I help you with yours." 

2) Kuda wasn't good with anatomy and colors. So when it came to us drawing / painting for classes, I would help in the since of showing on paper and on the body where anatomy was and help with making a proper color pallet.

I have a ton of more Tips and Tricks for college. If anyone has any questions related to something I didn't cover just post a comment and I will do so.

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